About DatAnalysis

DatAnalysis is Australia's long-standing premium research tool for information on companies listed on the Australian Securities Exchange.

Using its web-based, searchable interface, you can access vital details for:

  • All ASX listed companies
  • Corporate history and listing details
  • Cross directorships and committee composition
  • Substantial shareholders' trading history
  • Takeover details from 1995
  • Corporate Calendar for key events
  • Industry comparisons
  • Price history and graphs
  • 10 years of financial data
  • ASX Announcements from 1998 in PDF
  • Over 45,000 annual reports
Other Features in DatAnalysis
  • Additional data tabs for Company Reports more...
  • Historical share prices and market capitalisation more...
  • Individual directors' reports more...
  • Company committee composition more...
  • Corporate actions (bonus/rights issues and company reconstructions) more...
  • Shareholders' trading history more...
  • Enhanced financial data more...
  • Cross PDF searching more...
  • Password controlled alerting tool more...
  • Direct link to relevant PDF announcements more...
  • Additional data and features more...
  • Listing Rule Waivers - 5 year history of Listing rule waivers more...
  • New Company Summary format more...
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Who is Morningstar ?
Morningstar, Inc. is a leading provider of independent investment research in North America, Europe, Australia, and Asia. Our mission is to create great products that help investors reach their financial goals. We offer an extensive line of Internet, software, and print-based products for individual investors, financial advisors, and institutional clients.

What companies does DatAnalysis cover?
DatAnalysis has information on all companies currently listed on ASX and delisted companies from 1989 All data for delisted companies is retained.

Data sources
From where is the data sourced?
Data is extracted from all announcements from ASX (which include annual reports and prospectuses) and various other feeds supplied by the ASX. Feeds include prices, dividends, dilutions and corporate actions.

Data updating
How often is the data updated?
Non Financial Data Announcements are updated daily but non financial data from annual reports will be updated within 4-6 weeks of lodgement.

In accordance with ASX Listing Rules and Corporations Act 2001, companies are required to lodge certain information with ASX. The timing of these notices will vary according to the type of announcement lodged. The currency of our data will depend on when notices are lodged. For example, Top 20 Shareholder details are lodged once a year but notification of Substantial Shareholder trades must be lodged within 2 business days of each trade. Some examples of frequency of updating are:

  • Business Summaries — written by Morningstar equity analysts. They are reviewed every 4-6 months and updated when a significant event occurs.
  • Operational History — updated daily from market sensitive announcements.
  • Takeover details — available from 1 July 1995 and updated weekly.
  • Corporate Actions — available from 1 July 1999 and are updated weekly.
  • Directors' trades and substantial shareholders' trades — updated the day following the lodgement of announcement. Financial data — both preliminary final and interim reports are updating as follows:

Time Released to Markets
Time Delivered
S&P/ASX 200

Before 12 noon
By 9.00pm — same business day
S&P/ASX 200

After 12 noon
By 9.00pm — second business day following release to ASX
S&P/ASX All Ords excluding
S&P/ASX 200
By 9.00pm — third business day following release to ASX
All others with active trading
status on ASX
By 9.00pm — fifth business day following release to ASX
Releases within 48 hours of ASX deadline
By seventh business day following release to ASX

How far back does the data go?
The history of data within DatAnalysis will depend on the actual type of data. Please refer to Data Overview, which will give you a better idea of how far back the data is kept for each section. As a general rule we do not delete any data. Some specific examples are:

  • ASX Announcements in PDF from September 1998
  • ASX Signal G text announcements from 1989. This feed was discontinued on 30 June 2003.
  • Directors' and Substantial Shareholders' trades from 2001
  • Board of directors from 2001 Takeovers from 1 July 1995
  • Corporate Actions from 1 July 1999
  • Capital History, generally from listing date Financial data from 1989
  • Annual Reports usually back to mid 1990s, some go back to early 1980s but the history will depend on the actual company

Financial data
How do the Morningstar analysts interpret financial reports?
Financial Templates Financial statement pages are captured into five different templates – (i) Industrials (ii) Banks (iii) Insurance companies (iv) Listed investment companies (v) Property trusts. The reason we record financial data this way is because different items are reported and presented by different types of companies. For example, banks will report net interest and non-interest income as their main source of revenue. Industrial companies will report sales revenue.

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